Toxic toads collected by hand in Taiwan to protect pets, wildlife and humans

Large, toxic and voracious cane toads are being collected by hand in Taiwan in a bid to protect pets, wild animals and even humans on the island.

Volunteers from the Taiwan Amphibian Conservation Society worked by flashlight to gather toads late into Sunday night, and have collected up to 300, according to the group.

“We hope to minimize the impact brought by the invasive species by collecting them to protect our own local species,” volunteer Guava Tsai told NBC News via Facebook on Monday.


Chinese photographer apologizes after backlash over Dior model's 'Western' depiction

HONG KONG — A Chinese fashion photographer has apologized after backlash over work she did for French luxury brand Dior.

The picture featured a tan, freckled model of Asian descent wearing traditional Chinese clothing while holding a black Lady Dior bag. It was criticized for perpetuating Western stereotypes of East Asian faces and failing to represent beauty standards in the region, which typically favor fairer skin and large eyes.

The photo was removed from display at a Dior fashion exhibiti

Wild boar hunt in Hong Kong: Animal attacks lead to crackdown

HONG KONG — They’ve taken subway rides, loitered at pedestrian crossings and been fed by local residents. But now wild boars have finally gone a step too far for authorities in Hong Kong.

Increasing incidents involving the animals, which have long roamed the hills and hiking trails surrounding the bustling metropolis, culminated in one biting a police officer last week.

In response, authorities in the Asian financial hub are cracking down.

Officials said they launched the boar hunt Wednesday

Secluded Thai beach made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio movie to reopen after long tourist break

A beautiful cove in Thailand made famous in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Beach" will reopen to the public almost three years after it was closed because of environmental damage, authorities said.

With its white sand and crystal clear waters, Maya Bay became a popular tourist destination after the film, based on the novel by Alex Garland, was released in 2000.

While the 4,000 to 5,000 daily visitors provided a welcome boost to the local economy, the trash — particularly plastics — they left

Antarctic penguin waddles ashore in New Zealand, a long way from home

An Antarctic penguin’s misadventure has seen it waddle ashore almost 2,000 miles from home.

The Adélie penguin, which is native to Antarctica, washed up on the coast of New Zealand on Wednesday.

The rare visitor was spotted by resident Harry Singh, just south of Christchurch in Birdlings Flat on the South Island. A video captured by Singh shows the penguin wandering around on the beach.

“I did not notice any physical injury, but it was tired and hungry,” Singh told NBC News via Facebook Messe

'Bedtime fail': Jacinda Ardern's daughter interrupts Covid livestream

Working from home can be tricky for parents, even when you're the prime minister of New Zealand.

On Monday night, Jacinda Ardern was giving the nation a live update on changing Covid restrictions when she was interrupted by off-screen calls for “mummy.”

"You're meant to be in bed, darling," Ardern told daughter, Neve, 3.

"Pop back to bed, I'll come and see you in a second."

“Sorry, everybody,” Ardern said as she turned back to her national audience. She laughed off the interruption, followin

Australian girl, 4, whose disappearance horrified the nation, found after 18-day search

A four-year-old Australian girl whose disappearance horrified and riveted the nation was found in a locked house in her hometown on Wednesday, police said.

“My name is Cleo,” the child said after police broke into the house in Carnarvon, a coastal town of some 5,000 people in western Australia, after an 18-day nationwide search.

Cleo, who went missing with her sleeping bag from a campsite in the Australian outback on Oct. 16, has been returned to her parents, police said. Police have arrested

An NBA star labeled China's Xi a 'brutal dictator' in pro-Tibet posts. The backlash was swift.

Enes Kanter didn’t see the floor in the Boston Celtics' season opener Wednesday night, but the outspoken center’s impact on the NBA season could soon be felt.

Kanter posted a video to social media earlier in the day in which he labeled Chinese President Xi Jinping a "brutal dictator" and voiced support for Tibet's independence.

The comments drew swift reaction from Beijing and threatened a fresh backlash against the league, which is still reeling from its last political controversy in China, a